Friday, December 01, 2006

I read an article "Borat Bosses Sued by College Students." Apparently two unknown students sued the makers of the moview for "making them look stupid on camara." Having seen the movie, I don't feel its a good enough reason to sue. The young frat guys were drunk and acting fools. From my perspective, I think they would have acted that way even if they were completely knowledgeable of the film being turned into the movie. It isn't like they were unaware the camara guy was present and filming as they acted the way that they do. If you ask me, I think that they got into trouble with the bad comments they made on screen and for making their school look bad that they decide to take it out on the film makers. Either they were expelled from school for their behavior, or they're just trying to make some easy money. Either way, they no just reason to sue. I found the movie somewhat offensive at times, but the type of offense that may or maynot be taken from it is a form of humor in this country and who ever watches it needs to understand this before hand.

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