Friday, December 01, 2006

"Blogger Could be Sued for Copyright Violations" This is an article I came across while searching for news to write about for my blog entry. Apparently celebrity photographers are accusing the Hollywood gossip blog for using their pictures without giving them credit. This is a bit disturbing considering I've been taking a lot of pictures from random places online to post on my blog entries. I'm beginning to wonder whether or not this is immoral, and if I should be properly citing the source of my pictures even though many are just direct URLs to the actual pictures online. For some I have saved to my desktop then uploaded them to my blog. However, why should this form of accessing pictures be immoral if these photographers are constantly taking pictures of celebrities without getting their consent. Sometimes, they even distort the pictures to purposely make a celebrity look bad. If they will take pictures without consent, why can't we bloggers copy pictures without consent? These photographers are hypocrites!

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Blogger Lilly Buchwitz said...

There are very definite answers to your questions. Professional photographers who take photographs of "regular" people must ask for permission to use those photos. When they take photos of models who are being paid to pose, they also have permission. When they take pictures of celebrities in public, they also have permission according to the law -- celebrities are not "regular" people.

The photographs taken by photographers are their property. They own the rights to the use and distribution of the photographs, in exactly the same way that a musician owns his music and a writer owns her writing.

You, as a blogger, are not permitted to use someone else's work without their permission. It's called stealing.

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