Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The weather report does not serve its purpose. The weather is so very unpredictable, i don't know why people bother to predict it and mislead everyone. There have been predictions so off of the actual weather that a person mine as well flip a coin to whether or not he or she should wear a jacket. It has the potential to change the beginning of someones day entirely. If a person brings a thick hooded jacket and unbrella with the expectations that it will rain, but it does not, the end up holding their things all day long. This situation particularly effects more students than indoor workers of course. If on the other hand, the person expects a warm day out, and gets a rainy day, they end up sick in bed the next day. We can possibly blame this unpredictability on global warming causing an increase in tsunamis, hurricanes, etc...so it isn't the weather man/woman's fault, but they should realize that it is no longer a reliable method of prediciton and should therefore use that television time on something worth while.


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