Wednesday, November 29, 2006

There have been so many Christmas commercials now that the holidays are approaching. So many people invest in these material things that we've forgotten the whole "meaning" of Christmas. For a religious person it is Jesus's birthday, for while everyone else, it should be a time to spend with family and a time of selflessness. People have misinterpreted the word selfless as giving, and giving as buying. This leads to the excessive amounts of money spending with the hopes of feeling selfless afterwards. As we consumers make the rich richer, we ourselves are becoming poorer while we consume materials for our friends and family hoping that we'll receive 3X more than what we give. We believe that we get in return what we give. I think we should change the concept of Christmas to simply showing the ones you love your appreciation, and burying any hatchets or grudges you may have with anyone. Christmas should be a time for love and friendship, and until that is accomplished, we will be a money-hungry society, shooting eachother over Playstation 3s.


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