Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Playstation 3 has become a dangerous, obsessive form of entertainment. I saw on the news recently that a man on craigslist offered to pay $5000 for anyone with a Playstation 3. Another man agreed, and was told to meet the buyer in an alley way at night. The buyer then stabbed the seller a number of times, stole the playstation and left. This society has become so dependant on necessity or material things that they'd be willing to kill to get it. The extent people go through for a game is ridiculous. I am a huge fan of Madden 2006, and own a playstation as well, but I'd never kill, let alone wait overnight in the freezing cold to pick up a playstation I paif $3000 to play it a month earlier. I heard a prank call on the radio regarding a playstation 3 as well. A man was pranked when radio DJ's called him as store owners claiming that they had accidentally given his playstation 3 to another customer. The man screamed, nearly in tears as he made threats and used profanity. This behavior has come from the media's ability to turn something so simple into something so desirable.


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