Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"People with the most money are the most generous"? This is something I heard while watching an abc show called "Cheap in America". Is this actually true? I think that it only seems this way since rich people have more money to spare. Actually, the working poor, or lower income people are also generous but because they donate less, it is looked at as if they are generous to a lesser degree. They give the same percentage of their paychecks as the rich people, but since the poorer people make less, the percentage of their paychecks will be a lot less. Another claim was made that "The middle class give the least." Being a part of the middle class, I know many people also in the middle calss, and I must say that this is very true. Since the middle class is given a taste of the rich life and haven't experienced true poverty, they do not appreciate what they have, and have no sympathy for what others don't have. A man on the show also said, "Religious people give more blood, religious people give more to homeless people." Being a strong catholic, I can attest to this. Everyone in my family is very generous to the people in Mexico who don't have the kind of things we have in this country. Having religious grandparents who have both grown up in poverty, they are the most generous people I know. I, on the other hand, do not know what poverty is like and because of it, I have not given money to a homeless guy, but I might consider giving blood to save a life.


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