Wednesday, November 29, 2006

People never seem to be satisfied with what they have. I watched a Dr. Phil show where two anorexic twin sisters had a self perception that they weren't skinny enough. We look down on these girls as if they're crazy, yet we all have a sense of unsatisfaction everytime we work towards a physical goal, whether it's weight loss or weight gain. A body builder for instance may always feel like he or she is never big enough. So he or she continues to workout excessivly and obsessively, still convinced that he/she is not good enough. This is the same for anorexic people as well. Even the average sedentary turned non-sedentary person can lose some weight and never feel like it's enough. I had a girlfriend who lost 10 pounds while we were together and was still convinced she was fat. I had to show her pictures of herself for her to realize how much she had lost. It wasn't until she had seen the comparison that she became content with herself, and stopped the unhealthy dieting and compulsive exercising. Since we see ourselves everyday, it is difficult to notice the little changes that may occur eachday and because of it, our perception can be distorted. Also, characteristics such as fat, skinny, short, tall, etc...are all relative to who you are comparing yourself to so the best thing to do is not compare and just be the best you can possibly be.


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