Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's amazing how a TV series can take people away from their everyday lives and responsibilities. I got hooked on a show called Prison Break 2 years after the start of the series. A friend of mine had burned season 1, which I decided to watch in a single weekend depite the amount of homework I had to do. People often neglect their responsibilities because of the media presented to them out of the comfort of their homes. It makes it easy to procrastinate and provide a task much more enjoyable than homework. Aside from this issue, the series was about a very intellegent man who decided to go through extensive planning to break out his falsely accused brother out of prison. The entire series is about how a single man can break out 7 convicts consisting of robbers, murderers, child molesters, etc...This is something that can be viewed as negetive content for the general public. It gives people ideas of what has not been really thought out and attempted. By providing methods of escaping prison, we are allowing the potential for people these unsafe people to possibly find a way out. This can become a highly debatable topic if viewed as something to let the young people think that prision is not that serious and that security within its walls is crooked. To feel like we can't feel safe can also cause everyday paranoia among the general population.


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hi! I see the point you are trying to make with your annalisys of the show BUT... security is way better than that of the show in real prisons... you have to remember that a show is simply that...a SHOW and that, although it might give prisoners an idea, I can tell you it just wouldn't work for them... don't tell me that you didn't like it and that you were not hooked on finding out what happened afterwards...is addictive...well to me at least, because it is a matter of taste...I do respect your opinion though...not everyone should feel the same way but just look at it as recreation only and recreation can sometimes just exaggerate reality by making it seem so easy to just "break" out of jail...I don't think that it could be possible for real prisoners to get out that easily and not get cought... plus... if you saw 2nd season, you would see that even with the cops right behind them, they still got away...now THAT does not happen either because the cops almost had them...you can easily tell is pure fiction... what do you think?

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ok its me again..the one who posted the first comment... my name is Nicole and I was looking at some of your other entries and find them very interesting... i like the fact that you're annalitical and that you say what's on your mind regardless of what the majority of people might like... so don't get me wrong with the comment i put for the "prisson break" because i respect your opinion... in case you want to answer or give me an opinion related to the first comment, my msn is drsbabyface01@hotmail.com hope to hear from you...bye..

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