Tuesday, October 17, 2006

To me, the three most important TV shows ever made are "The Real World", "History Channel", and the 'News". The Real World is one of my farorite TV shows because it was one of the first realty TV shows made. It was the first I got to see complete strangers live together for months and watch all the drama, hook ups, fights, and also that some people have a lot of problems with there life. I like that they always put very deverse people with strong personalities because that combination means you never know whats going to happenend and that make for good TV. The History Channel is actually my favorite of all TV shows because its every educational and informs you of everything you need to know about religon, politics, wars, past, current, future, and more. Another thing I like about this channel is that it teaches you more then you learn in school because in school they only teach you the American point of view on an event that happened, where as the History Channel gives you many points of views and it leaves it up to you to from your opinion on a certain historical event. The News is very important because its one of the first form of TV media ever made. Plus it keeps us up to date on current event going on and no matter how many years past no other show can substitute the News.


Anonymous Lilly Buchwitz said...

Carlos, you are in danger of failing this course.

4:24 PM

Blogger carlos78 said...

Are my blogs getting better

9:03 PM


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