Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Books VS. Internet. I think that books will never be replaceable because not everyone can afford the other replacements like computers that allows people to research information without going to a libary. Books are very convenient because they are portable and you can take them everywhere. For example, you can bring them on planes, cars, vacations, and the list goes on. The benifits of the internet is that its fast and instant, plus theres a lot of information. The downside of the internet is that most of the information is not reliable and its still hard for people to have access to computers.
Books are a part of our history starting with one of the first books written which is the bible. Books can be passed down from generation to generation and the story will never change. In contrast, The Internet is always changing and being constantly updated, so it's hard to rely on information that might not be there in a few days. Another benifit of books is that we always know who writes them, were as the internet its sometime difficult to find who wrote what. This is why the internet will never replace books.


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