Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The best way I can describe Propaganda is that it is some type of false advertising that reflects the view and interest of those putting it out. The latest Propaganda I have encountered is commercials of the governor of California Arnold that the democratic party put out. In the commercials it uses his views on the war in Iraq and President Bush to make him look bad for California. Other propaganda I have encountered was actually at school during in one of my history classes. There was about three pages in the text stating the important role that Propaganda played in World War 1 and 2. From that class I remember seeing pictures of Hitler from the American view and the German view. The American propaganda showed Hitler as a devil and in the German propaganda showed Hitler as a powerful leader and a good man. In the war, Americans used propaganda to promote the war to people at the states and make sure they were all for the war. The Germans used propaganda to reinforce Hitlers power and to make keep his people morals high since the war was a long war fought in their territory.


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