Wednesday, September 13, 2006

After listening to Alan Cross in class I have decided to answer question number three which asks if you were a band and there were no such thing as a record company, how would you distribute your music and how would you get compensated for your music? I really like this question because this puts a lot of presure on me the band because I not only have to make good music, but I have to come up with an approach to get my music heard and make money at the same time. First I would put free sample music on different websites; such as, Myspace and Napster. Doing this will help me build my fan base and would lead me to part two in my plan which is the making money part. Then I would go on tour and make money on ticket sales, merchandise, and CD sales which will contain songs that haven't been heard before because I only put a few songs on websites and of course fans are going to buy them because its the only place you can buy my CD's in another words I would give my CD's more worth buy making them hard to get and having song they heard for the first time live in concert. This is what I think will work. Well let me know what you guys think about my ideas.


Anonymous Lilly Buchwitz said...

Who's going to manufacture and distribute those CDs? Maybe you can do it yourself in your basement, while you're small time, but what happens when you become successful? Who's going to handle the distribution?

10:55 AM

Blogger Kelley Lugea said...

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8:40 PM

Blogger Kelley Lugea said...

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