Monday, September 04, 2006

After class on thursday I started thinking about how burning CD's or movies is bad. I never really thought about how much trouble I can get into for burning CD's for friends or downloading music on the internet for free. If someone would have ask me what I think about burning or downloading music for free before last thursday I would have told that person that I do it all the time and it's a good thing because I dont have to buy a whole CD just because I like one or two songs. Now I realized the harm I was committing. Artist lose a lot of money from free downloading and burning of music. I guess its a good thing for artists that websites like Napster stop existing because the government takes them out. No matter how much I love getting music for free I have to agree with the record labels that free downloading and burning of music is bad. If one just stops and thinks for a little bit burning any type of media is copying and one of the first thing we learn in school is that copying is bad and you get in trouble when you do it.


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