Monday, August 28, 2006

Hey everyone! today i want to discuss my feelings about a event that happend last sunday at a wells fargo atm. A woman was assulted by a man after she made a deposit at the atm. The man beat her really bad and then stole her car. This story came out in the news five days after the crime happend and two days later the guy was caught and arrested by the police. When i first heard about this i was really surprised and in disbelief. I couldnt understand why someone would do such a thing. I was really angry because the bank were it happend was close to my home and i started thinking that could have been my mom or someone close to me. I'm glad the women survived is ok. I think the bank handled the situation very well. Wells fargo offered a 15,000 reward for someone to come forward which they did and i think that was a big reason the guy got caught that and the video tape of him the atm videos are really good. I learned that no matter how good of an area you live in bad things happen and that you cant trust anyone. People need to be more alert and aware of their surroundings and stop thinking that they are safe because they live in a nice area I hope people learn from this so this will never happend again.


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