Thursday, August 31, 2006

After taking the media use inventory survey i realized that i spend a lot more time watching TV then any other media. I spend about 17 hours a week watching TV. Its funny how I had lots of homework today, but i still managed to watch at least one hour of TV today. I think I just realized were i spend most of my free time and I'm glad I know what i have to cut out of my life to have more time to spend on school work. The second most media tool i use is the computer because i'm always on myspace. I never really liked computers, but now that i have a myspace being online has cut my TV time big time. Myspace has caught me so much about computers and made me realize how little i actually know about computers. I hate to say my little brother knows more about computers than me, but i bet i know more about TV shows and all the feature my TV has to offer. This media survey is a great tool not only for finding out what type of media you use more, but its also a good time management tool if anyone hasnt took this survey make sure you do.


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