Thursday, December 14, 2006

Having taken this course, I've become much more open to various types of media. Initially, I was pretty clueless when it came to websites such as Myspace or Facebook. I barely knew how to upload pictures or post eye catching blogs. I have realized that it is more than text content that will make a blog successful in attracting readers, but it is also the photos and links that can bring more viewers to a blog. Not only was I ignorant to these forms of media, but I also didn't care to find out until I've gotten the hang of how things work. I've been so stuck on my traditional ways of communication that I was oblivious to the possible ways of communicating. Unlike, Myspace blogs, on the other hand, have a few more features that I hadn't even considered using let alone write in until now. I almost feel as if this will eventually feel like an essential method of communicating thoughts, feelings, beliefs, without directly being identified. I feel as if writing on sites give a person more room to fully express themselves without being interrupted, judged on the spot, and pressured by the various counter arguments someone may have on a belief. Reading forces a person to listen to what is said, and this method is the best advance to be made in communication.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

"Blogger Could be Sued for Copyright Violations" This is an article I came across while searching for news to write about for my blog entry. Apparently celebrity photographers are accusing the Hollywood gossip blog for using their pictures without giving them credit. This is a bit disturbing considering I've been taking a lot of pictures from random places online to post on my blog entries. I'm beginning to wonder whether or not this is immoral, and if I should be properly citing the source of my pictures even though many are just direct URLs to the actual pictures online. For some I have saved to my desktop then uploaded them to my blog. However, why should this form of accessing pictures be immoral if these photographers are constantly taking pictures of celebrities without getting their consent. Sometimes, they even distort the pictures to purposely make a celebrity look bad. If they will take pictures without consent, why can't we bloggers copy pictures without consent? These photographers are hypocrites!

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I read an article "Borat Bosses Sued by College Students." Apparently two unknown students sued the makers of the moview for "making them look stupid on camara." Having seen the movie, I don't feel its a good enough reason to sue. The young frat guys were drunk and acting fools. From my perspective, I think they would have acted that way even if they were completely knowledgeable of the film being turned into the movie. It isn't like they were unaware the camara guy was present and filming as they acted the way that they do. If you ask me, I think that they got into trouble with the bad comments they made on screen and for making their school look bad that they decide to take it out on the film makers. Either they were expelled from school for their behavior, or they're just trying to make some easy money. Either way, they no just reason to sue. I found the movie somewhat offensive at times, but the type of offense that may or maynot be taken from it is a form of humor in this country and who ever watches it needs to understand this before hand.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

People never seem to be satisfied with what they have. I watched a Dr. Phil show where two anorexic twin sisters had a self perception that they weren't skinny enough. We look down on these girls as if they're crazy, yet we all have a sense of unsatisfaction everytime we work towards a physical goal, whether it's weight loss or weight gain. A body builder for instance may always feel like he or she is never big enough. So he or she continues to workout excessivly and obsessively, still convinced that he/she is not good enough. This is the same for anorexic people as well. Even the average sedentary turned non-sedentary person can lose some weight and never feel like it's enough. I had a girlfriend who lost 10 pounds while we were together and was still convinced she was fat. I had to show her pictures of herself for her to realize how much she had lost. It wasn't until she had seen the comparison that she became content with herself, and stopped the unhealthy dieting and compulsive exercising. Since we see ourselves everyday, it is difficult to notice the little changes that may occur eachday and because of it, our perception can be distorted. Also, characteristics such as fat, skinny, short, tall, etc...are all relative to who you are comparing yourself to so the best thing to do is not compare and just be the best you can possibly be.

There have been so many Christmas commercials now that the holidays are approaching. So many people invest in these material things that we've forgotten the whole "meaning" of Christmas. For a religious person it is Jesus's birthday, for while everyone else, it should be a time to spend with family and a time of selflessness. People have misinterpreted the word selfless as giving, and giving as buying. This leads to the excessive amounts of money spending with the hopes of feeling selfless afterwards. As we consumers make the rich richer, we ourselves are becoming poorer while we consume materials for our friends and family hoping that we'll receive 3X more than what we give. We believe that we get in return what we give. I think we should change the concept of Christmas to simply showing the ones you love your appreciation, and burying any hatchets or grudges you may have with anyone. Christmas should be a time for love and friendship, and until that is accomplished, we will be a money-hungry society, shooting eachother over Playstation 3s.

There have been a lot of health related advertisements on television these days, since the public has become more and more health conscious. Health has become more important to this country since obesity has been recognized as a problem. Fast food restaurants such as McDonalds or Subway have revolved their advertisments around healthier foods or weight loss. I've been working on a project involving how Subway has used a specific customer's weight loss to lure customers in eating subway sandwiches for breakfast,lunch, and dinner. Customers sometimes don't have the sense to ask themselves..."Is it really Subway that will help me lose weight?" Subway doesn't have a secret fat burning ingredient, and weight loss can happen with or without it. What many people don't know is that just by cutting calories, and increasing their activity, a person can lose weight. America is so lazy that they was the easy way out, and if simply buying and eating a Subway sandwich is going to help them lose wieght, they'd much rather do that. Personally, I would rather eat a variety of foods at a smaller amount than eat sandwich after sandwich. It would be sad if someone becomes dependant on Subway sandwiches for the rest of their lives with the misconception that it's necessary.

"People with the most money are the most generous"? This is something I heard while watching an abc show called "Cheap in America". Is this actually true? I think that it only seems this way since rich people have more money to spare. Actually, the working poor, or lower income people are also generous but because they donate less, it is looked at as if they are generous to a lesser degree. They give the same percentage of their paychecks as the rich people, but since the poorer people make less, the percentage of their paychecks will be a lot less. Another claim was made that "The middle class give the least." Being a part of the middle class, I know many people also in the middle calss, and I must say that this is very true. Since the middle class is given a taste of the rich life and haven't experienced true poverty, they do not appreciate what they have, and have no sympathy for what others don't have. A man on the show also said, "Religious people give more blood, religious people give more to homeless people." Being a strong catholic, I can attest to this. Everyone in my family is very generous to the people in Mexico who don't have the kind of things we have in this country. Having religious grandparents who have both grown up in poverty, they are the most generous people I know. I, on the other hand, do not know what poverty is like and because of it, I have not given money to a homeless guy, but I might consider giving blood to save a life.

Have you ever thought of exactly how crooked our government and law enforcement can be and how those we'd least expect to be crooked actually are? This past Sunday, I watched a movie called The Departed with a number of well known actors. The movie involved a number of young men who graduate from the same police academy. One character, with a completely clean background, gets involved with an infamous mobster and murderer as a child. The mobster puts him through the academy so that he has an inside man if ever he needs to get out of trouble. Another man from the same academy and a broken family life was asked to go undercover, do prison time, and get into the mafia acting as a rat. It turned out that the one with the perfect record was working for the mobster, while the one with a bad record was a real cop. Movies like this show the audience that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Just because someone appears to be good on the outside, such as his/her lifestyle is seemly flawless, in actuality, the person could be doing bad things behind it all. People should not always give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to trusting someone they don't know too well. This was an important lesson of life taught from a single movie.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Playstation 3 has become a dangerous, obsessive form of entertainment. I saw on the news recently that a man on craigslist offered to pay $5000 for anyone with a Playstation 3. Another man agreed, and was told to meet the buyer in an alley way at night. The buyer then stabbed the seller a number of times, stole the playstation and left. This society has become so dependant on necessity or material things that they'd be willing to kill to get it. The extent people go through for a game is ridiculous. I am a huge fan of Madden 2006, and own a playstation as well, but I'd never kill, let alone wait overnight in the freezing cold to pick up a playstation I paif $3000 to play it a month earlier. I heard a prank call on the radio regarding a playstation 3 as well. A man was pranked when radio DJ's called him as store owners claiming that they had accidentally given his playstation 3 to another customer. The man screamed, nearly in tears as he made threats and used profanity. This behavior has come from the media's ability to turn something so simple into something so desirable.

I read the Runner's world magazine where the head article was about Lance Armstrong, 7 time Tour de France winner, and a marathon. A number of experts, athletes, computer programs, etc...estimated what time this world famous cyclist would get running a marathon. They compared Lance's age, height, weight, maximum heart rate, percent body fat, VO2 max, lactate threshold, slow twitch muscle fiber %, calves, and stride style (all things that have an effect on endurance) to record holding marathoner, Paul Tergat. The article "Lance on the Run," goes in detail about how he had trained for the marathon in comparison to how he had trained for the Tour de France. This can give readers very damaging misconceptions. A lot of people don't know this, but Lance Armstrong was born with a very strong heart. It is equivalent to two hearts of a normal person. For a normal person, such as myself, to undego the same kind of extensive training that Lance Armstrong puts himself through, with the hopes that I'll one day be as good a cyclist or runner as Lance Armstrong, would literally kill me. This is dangerous for the general public. Of course the general public probably wouldn't push themselves to the extent that Lance Armstrong would, but it may leave many people unsatisfied with their results. The public takes too much of what they read and apply it to themselves without doing the reseach they should do before applying it to their own lives.

The weather report does not serve its purpose. The weather is so very unpredictable, i don't know why people bother to predict it and mislead everyone. There have been predictions so off of the actual weather that a person mine as well flip a coin to whether or not he or she should wear a jacket. It has the potential to change the beginning of someones day entirely. If a person brings a thick hooded jacket and unbrella with the expectations that it will rain, but it does not, the end up holding their things all day long. This situation particularly effects more students than indoor workers of course. If on the other hand, the person expects a warm day out, and gets a rainy day, they end up sick in bed the next day. We can possibly blame this unpredictability on global warming causing an increase in tsunamis, hurricanes, it isn't the weather man/woman's fault, but they should realize that it is no longer a reliable method of prediciton and should therefore use that television time on something worth while.

It's amazing how a TV series can take people away from their everyday lives and responsibilities. I got hooked on a show called Prison Break 2 years after the start of the series. A friend of mine had burned season 1, which I decided to watch in a single weekend depite the amount of homework I had to do. People often neglect their responsibilities because of the media presented to them out of the comfort of their homes. It makes it easy to procrastinate and provide a task much more enjoyable than homework. Aside from this issue, the series was about a very intellegent man who decided to go through extensive planning to break out his falsely accused brother out of prison. The entire series is about how a single man can break out 7 convicts consisting of robbers, murderers, child molesters, etc...This is something that can be viewed as negetive content for the general public. It gives people ideas of what has not been really thought out and attempted. By providing methods of escaping prison, we are allowing the potential for people these unsafe people to possibly find a way out. This can become a highly debatable topic if viewed as something to let the young people think that prision is not that serious and that security within its walls is crooked. To feel like we can't feel safe can also cause everyday paranoia among the general population.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

To me, the three most important TV shows ever made are "The Real World", "History Channel", and the 'News". The Real World is one of my farorite TV shows because it was one of the first realty TV shows made. It was the first I got to see complete strangers live together for months and watch all the drama, hook ups, fights, and also that some people have a lot of problems with there life. I like that they always put very deverse people with strong personalities because that combination means you never know whats going to happenend and that make for good TV. The History Channel is actually my favorite of all TV shows because its every educational and informs you of everything you need to know about religon, politics, wars, past, current, future, and more. Another thing I like about this channel is that it teaches you more then you learn in school because in school they only teach you the American point of view on an event that happened, where as the History Channel gives you many points of views and it leaves it up to you to from your opinion on a certain historical event. The News is very important because its one of the first form of TV media ever made. Plus it keeps us up to date on current event going on and no matter how many years past no other show can substitute the News.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Howard Stern is remarkable man who loves to be controversial. I enjoyed listening to him when he was on the radio because his shows were very entertaining. He talks about celebrities, politics, news, and sex and every issue he talked about he pushed the topics to radio limits. What I mean by radio limits is that the FCC would always fine him for all the inapportpriate comments he would say on the radio and I thought it was funny. His shows were one of a kind and very unique I never heard the radio skits like his. Plus a lot of other radio and TV shows would copy the things he would do. Howard Stern not only made good radio he also made a good movie about his life and his struggles on getting to the top.

Monday, October 09, 2006

My favorite magizine is "Men's Fitness" because It is a very informative magizine that talks about stuff that I'm interested in. For example, it talks about exercise, health, nutrition, sex, and sports. Plus every month it features a famous celebrity or professional sports figure with an article about how they stay fit and all their secert excerises that help them maintain thier figure. The articles in Men's Fitness are actually readable and educational. This is the only magizine I can read from cover to cover and it will actually change my life a little bit because I apply all the new exercise, health, nutrition, and sex tips I read in this magizine to my daily life. I recommend this magizine over a personal trainer because it's cheaper and fulled of useful heath information.